Easter Eggs in games are often made by the developers as either small in-jokes about the game itself or something in the way of a personal stamp on the game.

For example, 'Doom II' featured a severed head of John Romero, the game's designer. 'Skryim' featured a "notched" pickake in reference to 'Minecraft', a game the developers played on their downtime during production. The 'Doom' remake even featured some of the old maps from the original game from years ago.

For 'Spider-Man' just released on the PlayStation 4, there's a different story. It all began back in May of this year when a fan named Tyler Schultz contacted Insomniac Games to ask them if they'd be willing to help him propose to his girlfriend, Maddie, by way of placing an Easter egg inside the game for her to find.

A bit of a back-and-forth ensued between the developers and Schultz, and voila - the Easter egg was created and placed inside the game. Here's the egg as it can be found in the game.

So, what happened? Well, as it turns out, they broke up a few weeks before the game was released. As Schultz told Kotaku, who broke the story originally, he "presented the idea of what I wanted and we shared quite a few themes from there. It was really cool and the guy was really nice."

In a now-deleted YouTube video explaining the whole story, Schultz declared that his ex-girlfriend left him for his brother - although the ex-girlfriend apparently claims that the relationship with his brother began after they broke up.

Meanwhile, Insomniac Games offered to remove the Easter egg and replace it with something else in the next patch for the game. To be fair, the guy seems to be taking it in his stride, and described it as the world's "saddest Easter egg".

This is why public gestures of affection are terrifying, people. Don't do it.