Ireland's leading gaming retailer, GameStop, have teamed up with local sports clubs to launch a campaign allowing customers to trade in used gaming products for cash.

GameStop trade everything from used consoles, games and accessories and now will make an added donation to a local sports club for every item donated as part of this community focused campaign.

Customers can bring their items to their local GameStop to find out the cash value, or check the GameStop website for the latest value offers. Traders could receive €130 for a used PS4 (500G), €30 for an Xbox One controller and anywhere up to €42 for games, such as 'God of War' for example.

Thomas Mallon, Marketing Manager for GameStop Northern Europe, said: "Trade deals are the life blood of GameStop, and across Ireland clubs are the life blood of our communities.

"We want to encourage our customers to clear out their old games and consoles by trading them in for cash for their local club. By boosting every unit traded in it’s a great opportunity for our customers to raise funds in their community. While we will see the most take up from sports clubs from GAA, soccer and rugby, we would encourage any club to use the opportunity to raise funds."

For more information on trade in deals you can visit or follow GameStop Ireland at

For those interested in becoming a club ambassador and raising funds for their club please contact your local GameStop for a starter kit.