For a brief period in the late nineties and early aughts, skateboarding was everywhere - and a lot of that was down to one man and one videogame.

The man was Tony Hawk, and the videogame was 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater', and the impact is being felt to this day as a remastered version of the game is now set for the PS4, Xbox One and PC this coming September.

The launch trailer dropped online last night, with fans of the original - now well into their thirties - rejoicing and vainly attempting to do an ollie on their leather briefcases, because they've traded it for skateboards. Or something.

Anyway, the game is being classed as a full remastering, which means the game is being redeveloped from the ground up, but with new animations, new designs, new everything - but still keeping the structure of the original. The difference between a remake and a remastering are pretty nebulous, to say the least, but this appears to be something closer to a remastering.

Anyway, the game is set for release on September 4th. Here's the trailer.