Oscar nominee, heartthrob, star of the new 'Dune movie', working with Wes Anderson and Greta Gerwig, there is nothing that Timotheé Chalamet can't do, apparently.

A recent article by Vice did a deep dive and a Kevin Costner in 'JFK'-esque investigation into the possibility that a 15-year-old Chalamet was indeed the creator of 'ModdedController360'.

During an interview for 'Dune', Chalamet admits that he was indeed the person behind the account, but after making three videos and "getting spray paint all over the house", his parents voiced their disapproval.

The 'Call Me By Your Name' and 'Little Women' star was 15-years-old when he published the videos in 2010, and joked he made "$30 dollars" from the venture.

The videos were made just before his breakout role in 'Homeland' and in one video, beams over one of his creations, a 'Red Tiger' pattern.

"I started it yesterday, finished it today. It looks nice. It looks sexy," said a 15-year-old Chalamet, who's earliest screen credits include an episode of 'Law and Order' from around the same period when he was spray-painting Xbox controllers.

News of Chalamet's sordid past as a gamer will surely serve as inspiration for gamers everywhere that even one of this generations most gifted actors and heartthrobs used to be a massive geek who played 'Call Of Duty' like the rest of us circa 2010.

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