If you've played 'Fallout 4' and found yourself traversing the wasteland with Dogmeat, there's a chance you probably sent the little chap home rather than have him get into trouble.

To be fair, you wouldn't want your actual dog getting into trouble and even if Dogmeat is made up of ones and zeroes on a screen, he's still a good boy. Good boys don't deserve that hassle.

Sadly, however, you can't pet Dogmeat - without mods, anyway - in the vanilla version of the game. We've often found this to be upsetting, primarily because Dogmeat is in fact a good boy and good boys deserve a pet.

That might stop you from ever picking up the game in the first place, so a new Twitter account has set out to inform the general public on whether or not you can pet a dog in a game.

Examples such as the aforementioned 'Fallout 4', the more recent 'Far Cry 4: New Dawn', and 'The Last Of Us' are all in there. They've even got 'Final Fantasy VIII' in there as well.

It's worth a follow, if for no other reason that gaming-related content is often pretty grim and awful, and who doesn't love knowing whether or not you can pet a dog?

That's the kind of information that Twitter was made for, quite frankly.