Although many would scoff and say that gaming is a young person's pursuit, there are those who have matured with gaming and continue it into adulthood.

After all, the NES is now thirty years old, the Commodore 64 is thirty-four years old and gaming has now progressed to the virtual-reality stage. In other words, gaming has become ubiquitous. Yet, for whatever reason, elderly people and senior citizens have so far left gaming alone.

Except for Shirley Curry, that is.

We covered Shirley's first video around this time last year primarily because, well, the idea of a granny playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was funny to us. Fast-forward to a year later and Shirley's a bona-fide Internet celebrity.

Her YouTube channel, where she posted her first video, now has close to 145,000 subscribers and Shirley has since graduated from Skyrim to the likes of No Man's Sky (she didn't seem to be a fan on it) and some others, but is primarily focused on the long-running RPG.

Her first video, as well, racked up 1.18 million views as well. Not bad for an 80-year old grandmother.

Today, Shirley posted her one-year anniversary and reflected on her year of gaming. She's even taken to calling her subscribers her 'Grandkids' and described the many wonderful gifts and comments she's received from her fans.

It'd make an Orc cry, folks. Take a look.