If you've been at a house party where you know nobody and the person you came with is off somewhere, wearing the face off someone else, there's a good chance you found a dog and befriended it for the night - or failing that, went in search of one because who doesn't prefer dogs to people?

Well, this familiar tale of social anxiety and the company of dogs has now been turned into a game. Yes, really. Pet The Pup At The Party - because why make something this pure and be subtle about the title - sees you at a terrible house party, filled with people you'd normally cross a street to avoid, hunting for heckin' good dogs to pet. The process is pretty simple to play, too. You simply find as many pups as possible before the timer runs out. With each petting of pup, you gain a few seconds and a chance to pet more pups.

The best part is that the game is now available for free on PC and Mac, and you can download it here. Here's a little teaser of what's in store.


Via itch.io