There will never be a U.S. Presidential Election like this one ever again, folks. We are living in historic times.

A lot of that is down to the fact that Donald Trump's insanely racist, highly offensive rhetoric has made U.S. politics smash right through the gutter - meaning that almost nothing is off limits. After all, the guy pretty much advocated for the assassination of Hillary Clinton and even led a completely batshit conspiracy theory movement that was later debunked, so anything's possible.

So, how does this all fit into gaming? Well, a new game that's just been released on Steam sees you play a bodyguard for President Ronald Rump, a blonde-haired billionaire who bears a striking resemblance to one Donald J. Trump. The objective of the game? Stop Ronald Rump from being assassinated by diving and taking a bullet.

Yes, really. Take a look at the game's trailer.

The game takes place over 50 levels, with players diving to stop bullets via rag-doll physics in increasingly bizarre scenarios. Dive too soon and you'll miss the bullet. Dive too late and President Ronald Rump dies from gunshot wounds.

Mr. President! is now available to purchase on Steam for just €4.79. Let it never be said that games can't be political.