You might think this is basically cheating - and it is, but who cares? We'd be on Team Rocket if we could.

A new website has launched that has the ability to scan any area in the known world and detect precisely where specific Pokemon will be on the map and for how long. PokeVision works off Niantic's servers and is able to give you a detailed view of precisely where Pokemon are on the map and if it's worth your time heading out to capture them.

We've tested out PokeVision's findings and yes, it does appear to be accurate. The scan works every 30 seconds and we're guessing that if someone uses a lure module on Pokestop or Incense, they're more likely to spawn something outside of the usual Drowzees, Gastlys and Pidgeys.

The map does also scan for rare Pokemon and points out that the spawn time for these is much, much smaller than your regular Pokemon. From our own testing, it also highlights just how many Rattatas there are in Dublin 1.

The place is crawling with them, quite frankly.