We've talked before about Paddy Losty, the venerable Pintman and inexplicable Irish meme, and how quickly he's become ingrained in Irish pop culture.

There's been some incredible examples of Paddy Losty implanted into artwork, album covers, film scenes and now there's even a game. Yes, there is a game in which you play Paddy Losty trying to get 30 pints or more. As you can imagine, Paddy Bird is a clone of the infamous Flappy Bird game and sees players trying to guide the Pintman to 30 pints or more.

No sign of Maureen's fries or a packet of crips anywhere, but we can barely get past four pints so they could potentially be in there. Designed by Winters Web Design in Clare, the game is available now and it's free.

You can play it here to your heart's content, preferably with a pint in hand for balance.