Gather round, children, and we will tell you a tale about a little known console from the '90s and a fully licensed Nintendo franchise that created one of the weirdest games known to humanity.

Back in 1991, Phillips attempted to enter the console market with the CD-i. To say that it was a monumental failure for Phillips is an understatement. The console lost the company a reported ONE BILLION DOLLARS and this was the '90s. Do the math and adjust it for inflation and you'll get just how bad it was.

There's any number of reasons as to why it all went belly up, but it did give birth to some of the strangest moments in gaming history. Chief among them is Legend of Zelda: Faces Of Evil and Legend of Zelda: The Wand Of Gamelon.

The cutscenes from the game were so horribly written, voice-acted and rendered that they were co-opted by 4Chan and many gaming forums and became memes. Here's the original cutscenes, for reference.



Nintendo licensed some of its intellectual properties to Phillips, such as Paper Mario and Legend of Zelda. Of course, they had no hand in their development and, sure enough, they were all pretty terrible as a result. However, the truly bizarre cutscenes took on a life of their own and now, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, said cutscenes have been remade in glorious 3D with 1080p quality.

The Internet is a strange and beautiful place.



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