Although its Multiplayer beta was a bit of a letdown for just about everyone, the clips and playthroughs we've seen for the Single Player campaign appears to be redeeming Doom.

The big thing that people are taking away from what's been shown so far is that the campaign will have a lot of elements from the original Doom spliced together with new technology and, obviously, highly improved graphics. There's a much more in-depth story involved that can, if you like, be completely ignored.

Not only that, the upskilling for your character means that you get a certain level of customisation and a reason to continue playing. Another thing that has us genuinely excited for Doom is a new Easter Egg that was just revealed yesterday. Each level in the game comes with a secret lever that, if you find it, will open a hidden door somewhere in the map.

What does that door lead to you, you ask? An old-school version of Doom, complete with the low ceilings and low-sprite graphics. There's a secret lever in each level of the game, however the area itself varies depending on each level. The first one, for example, is a pretty decent size, going by this video.

What's more, the placement of pick-ups and the like are all exactly the same as the original levels. Once you've found the secret lever in each level, you'll be able to play through the retro level from the game menu with all the updated guns and perks.

Here's the video from IGN where the Easter Egg was revealed.


Via YouTube / IGN