One of the most beautiful and emotional games of the past couple of years, 'Unravel', has arrived out of thin air on the PS4 and Xbox One from today.

In our review of the first game back in 2016, we described 'Unravel' as a "a chilled-out, wonderfully emotive experience that rewards your time playing," and the hope is that the sequel will be just as enjoyable. The same gorgeously realised graphics are on show in the trailer, as well as a new two-player feature and what looks like some new, interesting stage layouts with a co-operative feel to them.

That might feel like something of a copout, as 'Unravel' was such a unique and personal game, but 'Unravel Two' promises players that they have the option of either playing alone or with a friend and can now customise their own character - named Yarny - to whatever colour they like.

The game is, sadly, only available on PS4 and Xbox One and has skipped Nintendo Switch entirely - but, on the other hand, the game was pretty much Beyonce'd on everyone from today, so it's not all bad.