Cert: 18+
Platform: Xbox 360, PC, PS3
Genre: Sandbox

What do you get if you set Grand Theft Auto during WWII? The Saboteur. This is the latest offering from Pandemic studios and it's all about Irish racing driver Sean Devlin; yes he's Irish, albeit with an accent inspired by Tom Cruise in Far and Away. While holed up and on the run in Paris, during the Nazi occupation, Devlin gets caught up in Le Resistance in GTA-esque adventure.

The similarities between the two games are striking, from the way missions begin to the vehicle navigation system. The Saboteur does make some effort to set itself apart from GTA however. The regions of Paris controlled by the Nazis are in black and white and the liberated ones are in colour. Similarly, our hero can climb almost any building in the city, which adds somewhat to the fun of blowing up Nazi ammo dumps and petrol stations.

However, Paris and the other French and German locales look a little rough around the edges and it's hard not to pine for the radio stations and the intuitive vehicle controls of that other game. That aside, the Saboteur is a stylish offering filled with chic locales, such as seedy French cabaret clubs, and the story nips along nicely. The game is a little easy though and there's no multiplayer. Still, ce n'est pas mal.

Rent or Buy: Rent
Graphics: 3/5
Game Play: 3/5
Replay Value: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

Reviewed By: Bryan Collins