While we're still a few years off the next iteration of 'Fallout' and 'The Elder Scrolls', that itch for a good single-player RPG is about to be scratched by 'The Outer Worlds'.

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment - the people behind 'Fallout: New Vegas' - and Private Division, the game is launching worldwide on this coming Friday on October 25th. If you've been following the development for 'The Outer Worlds', you'll know this date is a loooong time coming.

Set in the future where corporations have colonised and terra-formed alien worlds, you're awoken as your colony ship malfunctions on the edge of space, leaving you and your people stranded and in need of help. It's not long before you set down on a nearby planet and the story begins from there. Like most RPGs, your gameplay decisions determine the story - so if you're violent and prone to shooting first and talking later, then the game's story adapts.

The game launches across Xbox One, PS4, and PC with a Nintendo Switch port expected in the next while.

In the meantime, here's the trailer.