Every year, the debate rages between fans of Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA as to which is the better game, but for the last few seasons, the answer has most certainly been the latter. 

The two titles have a lot in common, but for one reason or another, opinion has swayed back and forth. On the PS2, it was PES territory, while the PS3 saw FIFA regain the crown. As we now head towards the PS4, where will the pendulum swing? 

Well, according to early reports of those who were lucky enough to play the game, Konami are betting on the controls and fluidity of their hay day titles such as PES 5 and 6, with the addition of some powerful new graphics thanks to the FOX engine. The company themselves are calling this a "true return to core PES values". 

There has only been this shot trailer released so far and while it's definitely rough and needs refinement, the mere mention of Pro Evo 5 has us all sorts of giddy. We await with trepidation...