If you were trying to get your hands on the Classic Mini NES late last year and couldn't find it anywhere, you're going to have a harder time of it.

It's been confirmed by IGN that Nintendo is discontinuing the production of the tiny replica console as and from this month, with the final shipments hitting North American retailers this month. As for Europe and specifically here in Ireland, it's not yet clear.

Generally speaking, the Classic Mini NES has sold out wherever it's stocked and has been out-of-stock in most retailers here in Ireland for quite some time. A request for clarification on the situation from Nintendo Europe has so far gone unanswered, but it's usually the case that if North America does it, so to will Europe.

So, if it's selling really well - so well that it's impossible to get, in fact - and everyone seemed to love this console, why are Nintendo discontinuing it? Three words - Classic Mini SNES. The rumour is that Nintendo has already begun work on a Super Nintendo version, with Nintendo Japan filing a trademark for a very familiar-looking piece of equipment in December.

As it stands, the Classic Mini NES is no more and if you somehow managed to get yourself one, hold on to it because it's likely to go up in value.


Via IGN / Twitter