If you're tired of scrolling through social media, we have a few suggestions for games that will keep you entertained while you commute:

Short Commute
You've less than half an hour on the bus or train; it's not enough time to get stuck into anything too long and complicated, but you still want something to keep you occupied. There are plenty of options beyond Candy Crush to try; we've gone for games that you can pick up and put down at any time without losing your progress.

Flow Free
A simple game of joining the dots that gets harder as you move up the levels. It doesn't sound like anything special but it's weirdly addictive and will having you racing to finish your level before you get to your stop.

Super Mario Run
This mobile version of the Nintendo classic was launched last year and became an instant hit. Just like you remember it's all about running and jumping through the screens, grabbing coins and dodging enemies. A lovely dose of nostalgia to brighten up your morning.

Compete in head to head trivia quizzes against players anywhere in the world. You can choose any topic from something as broad as general knowledge to something as specific as Die Hard. It's hugely addictive plus you get a great ego boost from beating others with your superior knowledge and memory.

Maybe not technically a game, but this colouring book app is still loads of fun and really relaxing. There are a few different colouring apps out there but this is our favourite because it offers plenty of free templates and colour pallets. Adult colouring books have become a huge trend and are great for mindfulness - something that could be quite helpful when you're navigating public transport

Long Commute
If you're going to be on a bus or train for 30 minutes to an hour, you'll want something that you can really dive into and that will absorb you enough to make the time fly. We recommend these mobile versions of console games which we think will do the trick.

This is a game that's really popular with kids for a good reason. It's hugely addictive and allows you to gather materials and build whatever your imagination allows. Ben Wheatley used the game to plan the staging of his last film, Free Fire, so the possibilities really are endless.

Grand Theft Auto
There are various versions of this game available for mobile, including San Andreas and Vice City. For those unfamiliar, the game involves the player stealing cars, driving around, committing crimes and completing tasks. The games offer a main narrative to work your way through, but also plenty of side quests. It won't be for everyone, but it could be a good way of blowing off steam after a long day in the office.

Tomb Raider
A new film version of Tomb Raider will be released in Irish cinemas on March 16th so now is a good time to revisit the games that started the franchise. The first two games in the series are available on mobile, as well as Tomb Raider Go (a puzzle game) and Tomb Raider Relic Run (a runner game). You become Lara Croft and travel the world hunting artefacts, there's a focus on solving puzzles too for those who don't like shooter games.

For those who enjoy role playing games, the entire Dragon Quest series (up to the eighth game) is available on mobile for you to work your way through. You control a character or party of characters and lead them through a fantasy world gathering new weapons and armour and defeating different monsters along the way. If you're looking for a game with a story to engage with, give this a try.