The figures surrounding Grand Theft Auto V really are insane.

As we reported a while ago, Grand Theft Auto Online's made close to $500,000,000 - that's HALF A BILLION - in micro-transactions since the service launched. Now, three years on from Grand Theft Auto V's initial launch in 2013, the game has shipped a staggering 65,000,000 units.

Let's put that into perspective, shall we? Assuming everyone paid $60 for the game - which is the average retail price, brand-new - that equates to $3.9 billion dollars. The highest box-office film of all time is Gone With The Wind, which has made $3.4 billion, adjusted for inflation. Gone With The Wind was made in 1939. That's seventy-seven years Gone With The Wind has had to accumulate that amount of money.

Grand Theft Auto V did it in three years.

Nobody's precisely sure how much Rockstar actually spent producing Grand Theft Auto V, although estimates put it somewhere close to $265 million for both marketing and production. Subtracting $265 million from $3.9 billion leaves with you with a profit of $3.63 billion left over. That, friends, is insane money.

And what's more, they haven't launched single-player DLC for the game yet.

The game's longevity is mostly attributed to its multiplayer, which still attracts huge numbers each and every day. There's still a thriving community of modders on PC and, as well as this, the single-player campaign still has endless Easter eggs and secrets to be unearthed.

Not bad for a game that started off as a top-down racing game.