Step aside Fry from Futurama, there is a new king of the parcel and take-away delivery world.

Some nights all you want is a take-away, your games console and to sit inside without having to leave the couch or put on pants. Well, maybe to answer the door, but that's the limit of your ambitions. 

That seemed to be the case for one customer, who went on to the popular website to get themselves some grub, and threw a cheeky request in at the end of the order: they asked the delivery guy to stop off at another location, pick up a copy of FIFA 14 and a spare controller for the PS3, possibly so that their mate could also play. Of course, the generous offer of an extra €3 would be thrown in, as there's no such thing as a free lunch/dinner/copy of FIFA and spare controller, as the old saying goes. 

Here's the kicker, this legend, nay hero of our time that is the delivery person from JustEat only went and bloody well did it, for real. 

The driver in question came from the Mekong Chinese in Santry, which will more than likely see a huge increase in business as a result of this noble deed.