After a hugely successful run (heh) on iOS, Super Mario Run is making its way to Android smartphones at the end of this month.

How successful, you ask? In the space of just one month, Super Mario Run made $53 million in the space of a little over a month since its launch. Not only that, out of 78,000,000 downloads, just 5% of people shelled out the $10 for the full game. Think about that for a second. Seventy-eight MILLION downloads, just 5% of people paid for it and they made $53 million. In one month, more or less.

Anyway, Super Mario Run has been getting strong reviews (we really liked it, FYI) and it's been a relative success for Nintendo. There's been no specific reason as to why it's taken so long for the game to be migrated to Android, although speculation is that Nintendo had an exclusivity deal with Apple for the game that is now expired.

Nintendo is riding a wave of critical acclaim and commercial success at the moment, with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild now considered to be one of the greatest video games ever made and plans to double the production of the Switch console from eight million to sixteen million in order to meet high demand for it.

Nintendo's stock prices shot up three points on the weekend of the Switch's release and looks set to stay that way for the time being. Nintendo's share price jumped last year with the release of Pokemon GO, but appeared to return to normal after interest in the mobile game died out.

Although Super Mario Run didn't have the same cultural impact as Pokemon GO, it continues to be a popular mobile game and will likely encourage Nintendo to move further into the mobile gaming market in the future.


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