If you ever thought to yourself, "I wonder what the first level of Super Mario Bros. on the NES woud sound like with a violin", you'd better sit yourself down because you're in for a surprise.

YouTube violinist (yes, that's a thing) Teppei Sensei recorded this charming video of him serenading someone playing through the 1-1 Stage of 'Super Mario Bros.', complete with violin sound effects for all the power-ups. In fact, Teppei Sensei even did the invincibility music and the flag pole slide effect too.

He also did some of the other levels in the game, including the underwater level which - when you hear it on a violin - sounds just lovely. Meanwhile, the music for Bowser's Castle sounds like something Bernard Hermann would write for Alfred Hitchcock.

As it turns out, Teppei Sensei has done quite a few of these and did one for Mario Kart, F-Zero (our favourite) and the first Legend of Zelda.