Unless you've been living under a particularly sound-proof rock, you should be well aware of one of the biggest video games of our generation, Halo. If not - and welcome from out under that rock! - the story of a future set sci-fi war between humanity and an evil alien race known as The Covenant has lead to seven games in the series so far, each selling in the millions and met with universal critical acclaim.

Back in 2005, Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson attempted to get a movie adaptation off the ground; executive producing a script by 28 Days Later/Sunshine screenwriter Alex Garland, to be directed by Jackson's protege Neil Blomkamp. It all fell apart however, with budgetary woes crippling the project from day one, and Blomkamp went on to direct District 13 instead.

However, as part of last night's X-Box One press conference (read more about that HERE), Microsoft announced that they would be joining Netflix with their self-produced material; Steven Spielberg would be coming on board as executive producer for an upcoming Halo TV series which will most likely be shown exclusively on the X-Box One itself!

Spielberg is no stranger to TV series - he's produced Band Of Brothers, The Pacific, Falling Skies, Smash and Terra Nova to name but a few - plus he's dipped his toe in the world of computer games before, having produced 2008's much-loved Boom Blox on the Wii.

No word yet on if Spielberg will direct any of the episodes, but if Martin Scorsese and David Fincher can work on the small screen, then it stands to reason that Stevie can too!

Check back in with entertainment.ie for more news on the Halo TV series as it's released.