Bethesda games are famous for their rich, detailed game worlds and their dialogue systems, but 'Starfield' has upped the ante.

'Starfield', due out in early 2023, will have over 250,000 lines of dialogue - more than the 60,000 lines of dialogue from 'Skyrim' and the 111,000 lines of dialogue from 'Fallout 4'.

After the dialogue system received a controversial overhaul in 'Fallout 4' (which boiled down to making the decision the game wanted you to make), Bethesda have gone back to their roots with 'Starfield', and fans will be glad to hear speech checks will feature in the game.

Todd Howard, Bethesda's hype man and producer for their games, answered fan questions in a new video, and shared a bit more about what fans can expect from the game when it launches early next year.

'Starfield' has been touted as Bethesda's most ambitious game yet, and the game has been in the works for quite some time, first being announced at E3 2018 and quickly becoming a hotly-anticipated game among fans.

We got our first look at the game earlier this year, and the game promises to be your own personal sci-fi film, chockful of exploration, deep space navigation, material hunting, gunplay, and of course, that sweet Bethesda dialogue.

There is a school of thought within the 'Fallout' fandom over who does dialogue best, with many claiming that 'New Vegas' has the better dialogue and choice-based system as opposed to the Bethesda style of writing, and we're keen to see if Bethesda have taken those criticisms on board.

2019's 'The Outer Worlds' was developed by the creators of 'New Vegas', and fans are keen to see how Bethesda responds with their epic sci-fi adventure.

Todd Howard has billed the game as Bethesda's first wholly original game in nearly 30 years, and considering the pedigree behind it, we can't wait to explore the vast universe Bethesda has created.

'Starfield' will be coming to Game Pass which is an incredible coup for Microsoft, and we're certain the game will be one of the biggest games of 2023 - and possibly the decade.