After the success of 'Jedi: Fallen Order' and now this, you could be forgiven for thinking EA has finally got to grips with 'Star Wars' and its IP.

'Star Wars: Squadrons', confirmed last night by EA following a leak on the Xbox website and first rumoured way back in March, looks like it could well be an old-school space simulator. Throughout the '90s and early '00s, 'Star Wars' maintained its presence with players through PC games like 'X-Wing: Alliance', 'Jedi Academy', 'Knights of the Old Republic', and 'Empire At War'.

However, it was the space simulators that really launched 'Star Wars' as a valuable intellectual property, or IP for short. PC games like 'X-Wing', 'TIE Fighter', the multiplayer-centric 'X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter' and the follow-up, 'X-Wing Alliance' pioneered online multiplayer in the '90s and were the genesis of online multiplayer communities.

Anyway, since then, there hasn't been a decent space-sim set in the 'Star Wars' universe, even though 'Battlefront II' did make some attempt at in their aerial battles. While details are light, it looks like 'Squadrons' could be a more concerted effort.

Per reporting by Venturebeat, 'Squadrons' will hopefully release later this year and will feature a single-player campaign, however, the focus is on multiplayer. What's more, their report also underlines the fact that 'Squadrons' was borne out of the directive from EA that many 'Star Wars' games in production until now have been too ambitious and too long to produce.

Granted, a space simulator doesn't require that much in the way of production. It's really about gameplay mechanics and getting the physics and the feel of it right. If they can capture that thrill of piloting an X-Wing through a space battle, they could be on to a winner.

The trailer for 'Star Wars: Squadrons' debuts online this Monday at 3PM Irish time.