As we reported over the weekend, the Mini NES has been discontinued from production - and, incidentally, caused prices for the microconsole on eBay to skyrocket.

Many believed that Nintendo's reasons for this was to pave the way for the Mini SNES and a report by Eurogamer adds more weight to that theory. According to their sources, the development is currently underway for a miniature version of the Super Nintendo with an unspecified number of games. We've come up with a few choices on that topic.

Eurogamer's sources have it that the Mini SNES will be on shelves in time for Christmas - exactly the same time as the Mini NES. Indeed, Eurogamer's sources claim that the production of the Mini NES was halted to make way for the Mini SNES.

There's still no word on an official announcement, but it's clear that Nintendo didn't expect the Mini NES to be such a hit with players. Here's hoping that means there'll be more Mini SNES consoles available when it comes time for release.


Via Eurogamer