PlayStation held a State of Play conference last night to show off their latest games, and fans were not left disappointed.

The State of Play took the place of the traditional E3 conference, and in the presentation Sony gave fans bang for their buck, with some exciting titles for their upcoming PlayStation VR 2 officially announced, as well as some blockbuster titles.

'Street Fighter 6' and 'Final Fantasy XVI' were given a first look at the show, as well as some exciting 'Resident Evil' news.

The beloved 'Resident Evil 4' will receive the full HD treatment that its predecessors received and last year's brilliant 'Resident Evil Village' will be playable on Sony's new PlayStation VR 2 headset.

'Resident Evil 4' has more ports than an island at this stage, but this is a HD remake in the vein of the 'Resident Evil 2 and 3' that rebuilds the game from the ground up.

Considering how 'Resident Evil 4' more or less invented the third-person shooter as we know, we are interested to see if Capcom decides to innovate further or merely celebrate their hit by giving it a fresh coat of paint.

We'll be blasting our way through waves of zombie villagers next March.

A good chunk of the conference was handed over to titles in the works for the upgraded headset, including a spin-off set in the 'Horizon' universe.

'Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain' is a first-person affair that will allow players to get hands-on with the robot dinosaurs that dominate the gorgeous world of 'Horizon'.

Players also got a look and a release date for 'Stray', a strange-looking game where players control a cat in a world that isn't designed for cats.

The game comes to us from Annapurna Interactive, who are fond of esoteric narrative-driven games such as 'Kentucky Route Zero', 'What Remains of Edith Finch', and last year's divisive 12 Minutes'.

The hit 'Spider-Man' franchise will also be making its way to PC, with the 2018 original and 2020's 'Miles Morales' on the way to PC - hopefully some aspiring modder takes out the annoying stealth sections.

We also got a look at 'The Castillo Protocol', a new game from 'Dead Space' director Glen Schofield.

The game looks suitably nasty and grisly, and with a December release date, we'll be sleeping with the lights on this Christmas.

The 'Final Fantasy' series is still going strong, and the trailer for the 16th entry in the series sees the game will be taking on a darker tone and emphasising the fantasy part of the title.

We didn't get anything more than a vague 2023 release date for the title, but with gameplay being shown off this implies the game is pretty far along into development.

Companies like Sony and Nintendo favour these pre-recorded announcement streams in favour of the likes of E3, which was cancelled this year.

PlayStation in particular does a few State of Play conferences a year, which provides fans and press with a steady drip-feed of content they are working on.

The biggest reveal at last night's State of Play was the gameplay reveal of 'Street Fighter 6' - let's hope Capcom actually remember to make a finished game this time after the debacle of 'Street Fighter 5'.