Launched in 2007 - or 2006, depending on where you were in the world - the PlayStation 3 marked the next stage in console gaming for Sony and had an impressive run, selling 85 million units as of March 2016.

However, it appears as though its time is at an end as reports coming from Japan have it that Sony is officially discontinuing production of the PlayStation 3 this month. The report comes from a popular games store in Japan, but is also corroborated by a comment on Sony Japan's official website. No statement has been forthcoming from Sony as of yet, however sales were discontinued for the PlayStation 3 in New Zealand in 2015, and it seems now that the arrival of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro is hastening its demise.

The product page for the PlayStation3 on Sony Japan's website has it that the console is due for scheduled completion soon, but so far there's been no word on whether or not production will be discontinued in Europe or the US.

Ten years is a good run for a console, especially when you consider Nintendo more or less dumped the Wii U once the Switch arrived. Sony had previously killed off the PlayStation 2's last remaining online servers in April of last year, having ended production of the console in 2012 - approximately ten years after its first release.

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