If you stayed up until the wee hours you'll know that Sony gave gamers a rather special treat last night when they gave us all a sneak peek at the PlayStation 4 last night.

Broadcasting live from New York, a variety of speakers, including Irish video game developer David Perry, talked us through the new console, which will go on sale later this year. There's plenty of offer from the new console, with better social features, an option to play games remotely through the PlayStation Vita and a much hyped new controller.

It's still got all the benefits of the good old dual shock controller that we first saw with PS2, but this time around it will include a share button that allows users to capture and share gameplay footage online. Where was that when I was breaking records on that tiger on the Great Wall levels of Crash Bandicoot Warped all those years ago eh Sony?

Pity they didn't show any snaps of the new console though. That was a bit disappointing now wasn't it? Especially considering how may fake pictures of the new controller have been floating around the Twittersphere.

One thing was quite interesting though. Seems PS4 will have a secondary chip, allowing gamers to start playing a game while it's still downloading. Add to that the fact that you'll be able to suspend gaming sessions and restart them quickly and you've got a feeling that Sony are on to something with this one.

Bet Microsoft are shaking in their little X Box boots. Sure hasn't it been a while since they offered anything new in the way of gaming? Play Station 4 launches later this year, but a date for the European launch has yet to be confirmed. And no, they haven't said how much it will cost either. Probably for the best...

Live video for mobile from Ustream