Cert: 15+
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Wii, PSP, NDS
Genre: Wrestling Sim

The hugely successful wrestling franchise has returned, with the latest installment proving to be arguably the series finest.

The game comes with the tagline 'It's your World now' meaning nearly everything is in your control. The usual modes return, of course – Career, Road to Wrestlemania being just two – but now you have the ability to create your own storylines and upload them to the web, for others to download and play for themselves. For hardcore grappling fanatics, the possibilities within this mode are endless and is easily the best addition to the game.

As for the rest, it's really as you were. The fighting system has been modified slightly, and this works well, with a neat base training mode at the game's start-up - a bit like the arena mode in the FIFA games – allowing you to gain experience with the new system. All the usual Superstars return with some making their debut and all bear a very accurate – and in some cases, very flattering – resemblance to their real world counterparts.

SVR 2010 is a well-polished, thoroughly comprehensive game which will appeal to fans and non-fans alike.

Are you Ready?!

Rent or Buy: Buy
Graphics: 4/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Replay Value: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

Reviewed By: Simon Rubbathan