The Sega Mega Drive was first released in Ireland in September of 1990.

With a library of more than 900 games, the Sega Mega Drive - or the Sega Genesis, if you're in the US - sold over 30 million units in its lifetime and became a household name in the process. Like the Super Nintendo, it brought 16-bit gaming to the masses and helped to make console gaming what it is today.

Games such as 'Sonic The Hedgehog', 'Streets of Rage' and 'Shinobi' are as instantly recognisable as 'Super Mario', 'Street Fighter' or 'Castlevania' - but what about some of the deeper cuts in the Mega Drive library?

We've pulled 10 games from storage, blown out the dust, and slotted them into this quiz. All you've got to do is join them with their title.