Considering how popular Nintendo's foray into miniaturising their vintage consoles, it's surprising that it took longtime rivals Sega to cash in on the mini-console wave and do their own.

Previously, Sega had given the rights to a third-party to make a miniature version of the 16-bit console - which wasn't nearly as well received as Nintendo's efforts. However, Sega made the announcement last night that it is beginning to take a step into the nostalgia market on its own back.

Currently, the Mega Drive has only been confirmed for Japan and there's been no word on what games will be bundled with the console or if and when it'll get a release on this side of the globe. Sega also announced plans to release classics like Sonic The Hedgehog and Phantasy Star for the Nintendo Switch in the near future, if you can't wait that long to bounce a blue hedgehog around the screen.


Via Twitter