For anyone who's never played 'Hitman' or its Elusive Target minigame, here's a quick catch-up.

So, 'Hitman' is a strategy-based franchise that sees you play Agent 47, a career hitman who's hired for contracts to kill people in ingenious ways that can't be immediately traced back to anyone in particular. The game was rebooted in 2015 to huge praise, and spawned two pretty terrible movies in the process. For the Elusive Target minigame, it's a little different.

Essentially, you're given a limited amount of time to find Sean Bean's character in the map and kill him. But, of course, it's exceptionally difficult and it can't be done easily or even without some help. Not only that, you only get one chance at playing the mission, and there's no way of finding the target on the map either.

Basically, you fail the mission, that's your attempt done with. So, yeah, to say it's a challenge is an understatement. In the first of the revamped 'Hitman' series, one of the Elusive Targets was none other than Gary Busey. Players were hired by Gary Cole - yes, the actor Gary Cole - to find and hunt Busey and murder him in whatever way they could.

This time out, it's Sean Bean - except it's not really Sean Bean, it's Sean Bean playing a retired MI5 agent whose nickname is 'The Undying'. That's right. He's described as a freelance assassin who specialises in faking his own death, and has escaped death countless times.

Here's the launch trailer, with the mission becoming available from November 20th. 'Hitman 2' hits shelves (see what we did there) on November 13th.