Russia has always had an antagonistic relationship with the LGBT community and now it seems that it's even moving into the world of videogames.

It's been reported that Valery Rashkin of the Russian Communist Party have asked the state's national communications agency to ban FIFA 17 as it violates law concerning "gay propaganda."

Russia introduced controversial laws banning what it classes as material promoting homonormative behaviour in media so as to protect family values. The bill was signed into law by President Vladimir Putin in 2013, with human rights group noting that the law led to a surge in homophobic violence across Russia.

FIFA's Rainbow Laces campaign, which aims to highlight and support LGBT fans of the game, hasn't gone done well in Russia and the complaint stems from players supporting the campaign appearing in FIFA 17.

A letter of protest was sent to the Russian communications agency, saying that the game "invites users to support the English football premier league’s Rainbow Laces action, a massive campaign in support of LGBT." As it stands, the game is still widely available in Russia and has not been removed from circulation.


Via Metro