The Nintendo NX rumour mill keeps on churning with another batch of salty nuggets being forced out onto the hungry populace.

Graphic, we know. So, what's the latest on Nintendo's leap into the next generation of console gaming? Well, according to a discussion thread with a person who supposedly has access to a Nintendo NX devkit, the specs for the new console are pretty damn beefy. Take all this, of course, with a grain of salt.

Details are light, but the leaker - who claimed he was working as a developer with the devkit for the NX - says that the console will be slightly more powerful than the PlayStation 4. What's more, one of the first games to be launched with the Nintendo NX will be a port of a game that's available for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

What's more, the developer also believes that the console will be much less likely to drop frames compared to the PlayStation 4. Another point is the controllers - which the developer says will have a screen in the controller that will be 1080p and work along the lines of the 3DS and Wii U.

As it stands now, there's not a huge amount of proof here we can take away. There were no intimate details when it came to the technical specifications and the leaker was, of course, keen to point out that any further information might incriminate himself. Already, the NX controller which did the rounds over the weekend was found to be a hoax and there's every possibility this may all be false as well.

Nintendo, meanwhile, haven't even acknowledged the hoax controller - let alone given an official launch date for the NX or even confirmed that it'll actually be called the NX. Again, the scuttlebutt suggests that it'll be ready for shipping around mid-2017 with some form of an announcement at E3.

You can read the full thread below here and decide for yourself if it's genuine.


Via Reddit