As we're now sixteen days out from the release of 'Red Dead Redemption 2', anticipation is off the charts with players desperate to get their hands on the game.

However, for one player in the Netherlands, it's a different story. An article that's been circulating online for the past few days tells the story of Jurian, a young Dutch man who's suffering from a rare and fatal disease known as neurofibromatosis type 2, a hereditary disease that causes tumors to grow along the spinal cord.

The article, from Dutch outlet, explains that Rockstar Netherlands were contacted by Jurian's father and were able to bring a copy of 'Red Dead Redemption 2' to his home so that he could play the game for an afternoon. The game isn't due to be released until October 26th, however Jurian's condition has worsened to the point where he believes he won't be alive to see the game released.

Translated from Dutch, Jurian explained how "two employees from Rockstar Netherlands visited me, who gave me a private demonstration of the game. After an afternoon of playing, they sadly took the game back with them."

Here's the final trailer for the game.