Cert: 16+
Platform(s): PS3, XBOX360
Genre: Action

The Bourne movie series has been one of the most successful spy franchises of all time; with just three installments, it has resurrected the career of Matt Damon and established itself as a main player in the genre. Its frantic shooting style, and unique energy has translated into what can only be referred to by its technical title - bleedin' megabucks!

So why, oh why, could they fail so badly with the game? I wanted to like this - I wanted to love this. I wanted this to be the beginning of a new departure in gaming. Alas, 'twas not to be.

The graphics are great, although the move from cut sequences to gameplay can be jarring. The storyline is tight: you relive key moments from the game, interspersed with new stories directly form Jason's memory. But the controls are woeful, just awful. The aiming system is picky and irritating, the fighting is repetitive, unimaginative and ultimately boring. YAWN!

For fans, this is maybe a nice interlude before Matt is tempted back into the role - but it doesn't live up to its immaculate reputation.

Rent or Buy:
Graphics: 4/5
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Replay Value: 2/5
Overall rating: 3/5

Review by Eamonn Cleary