Cert: 18
Platform: PS3
Genre: First Person Shooter (FPS)
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Resistance 3 is set in an alternate history where 1950's Earth has been blighted by a parasitic virus that transforms the infected into an alien race. While an inoculation has been developed, over 90% of the population are either dead or converted. With the aliens terraforming the world, a resistance fighter reluctantly takes a 'Hail Mary' mission to help save humanity.

Unsurprisingly for a sequel, Resistance 3 is hardly the most original game out there. If you have played any other FPS you will already be familiar with the core gameplay mechanics. If reduced to a simple one line summary, the game is a sci-fi Call of Duty with far less polish. That being said, Resistance 3 is a highly entertaining shooter whose fun gameplay rivals that of more complex games. I have to confess that I am biased towards this game. Recently, the FPS games I have played have been RPG heavy (the Fallout and Deus Ex series) or frustrating 'realistic' cover based shooters where a single well place shot equals reload from the last checkpoint. Resistance 3, with its more old school approach, was a much needed breath of fresh air. While playing tactically is recommended, strafing through a battlefield shooting everything that moves will not mean instant death. Weapons that upgrade the more you use them may not be realistic, but is a nice change of pace compared to painstakingly maintaining your arsenal.

The main campaign can be played single player or co-op mode and while quite linear, the levels are entertaining and the story and characters are engaging. Weapons are varied and I particularly like how the 'shoot through walls' gun prevents the usual dominance of cover based shooting. Online multiplayer was more than functional but, as I am not really an online enthusiast, my experience of play was gained between frequent and humiliating deaths. I doubt this will be a Modern Warfare beater but you'll get your monies worth (an online pass is required so if buying 2nd hand, remember to factor that into your cost). 3D and Move controls are also supported. Move controls work to a degree but are far inferior to the gamepad. In fact, the Move controls demonstrated here are even inferior to Wii-Mote controlled games such as Metroid Prime 3 or Onslaught (a downloadable WiiWare game). As the Move should be far superior, it seems there is little hope in optional motion controls. Developers need to commit entirely or stick with the gamepad.

If you're new to this series do not worry – no prior experience with the previous plot is required as it is effectively summed up in the opening. Resistance 3 may not have the depth of over games but it knows exactly what it is, the gaming equivalent of an action movie and it unapologetically delivers.

Rent or Buy: Buy
Graphics: 3/5
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Replay: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Reviewed By: JP Gallagher