If you had one of the old 8-bit consoles - we're talking the original Nintendo or Master System - there's a good chance you played Double Dragon.

For those who are over the age of 25 and never heard of it, allow us to put it into context. Before there was Street Fighter or Streets Of Rage or basically any side-scrolling fighting game, there was Double Dragon. You - and a second player - were two karate-kicking punks who made their way through a nondescript city to try and rescue a damsel in distress at the end of the level.

The clunky music, the terrible graphics, the nonsense dialogue, all of it has been preserved in a brand new sequel of the game. Yes, really.

Double Dragon 4 - which is now available on PlayStation 4 and Steam - was made by some of the original designers and planners of the original game from the '80s and was designed to look, sound and feel like it was made in the '80s - right down to the nonsense dialogue.

You might laugh and scoff at the whole thing, but the fact is that nostalgia in the gaming industry is becoming a big, big selling point. Just look at how successful the Mini NES has been for Nintendo.

Double Dragon 4 is available on PlayStation 4 via the PS Store and PC via Steam from today. Check out the trailer below.