'Rainbow Six Extraction' is launching it's first timed event 'Spillover' soon, and we went hands-on with the mode.

In a press event hosted with Ubisoft, we teamed up with fellow journalists from NME and Rock Paper Shotgun to take on the Archaeans.

The mode tasks players with setting devices at a series of nests on the games existing maps, and much like the core game, there is a high degree of risk/reward at play.

Players have 25 minutes to set trackers on 9 different nests, and players have to hold off waves of enemies.

In the time before the waves, players are encouraged to barricade doors and windows, set up traps and claymores, and the game becomes an even more violent version of 'Home Alone'.

There is a palpable sense of anticipation waiting for the Archaeans to arrive, and the mode captures the tense mood in an 'Alien' film.

The sense of anticipation mere seconds before all hell breaks loose is a unique experience, and this game mode nails it.

In the thick of it, enemies come thick and fast, and because it's 'Rainbow Six: Extraction' the game won't hesitate to repurpose you for wallpaper paint if you're underskilled.

It took us three attempts to even hold off one wave.

The game prides itself on being difficult, but this game mode takes it to a new extreme.

Players will come to bemoan the level designer who hit upon the idea of making the enemies invisible.

Of course, the difficulty spike can be adjusted by having two other like-minded friends or strangers who are able to bail you out of sticky situations, which in essence is the true 'Rainbow Six' experience.

Much like the core game, communication and strategy are vital, and players can take on 3 separate sprawl colonies at the same time, with each player taking on a nest by themself.

Players can use a decoy canister to distract foes

The core game has fun with the high risk/high reward mechanic, and players can cut their losses and progress deeper into the map for higher rewards and XP at the cost of coming up against tougher enemies.

A turret gun and a new operative are being added as part of the event, with the turret gun, in particular, coming in clutch during hairier firefights enemies.

The new operative, Zofia, has been added for the mode and serves as a fresh face to the existing roster.

Zofia is the latest operative added to the roster

If players were to choose an operative for this mode, however, it's Doc.

Doc's ability to revive himself and others comes in useful the higher up the ladder you go.

When you're starting out a session with friends or strangers, make sure one of you is playing as Doc.

'Spillover' is an example of the "games as a service" concept done right -something to keep the players coming back a few weeks after launch.

Ubisoft refined the concept with 'Rainbow Six Siege' and they've demonstrated their chops once again in knowing how to bring players coming back.