Cert: 3
Platform: Xbox 360 Kinect, Wii
Genre: Arcade

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There are relatively few genuinely brilliant games available for Kinect, unfortunately Rabbids isn’t one of them. It’s basically a series of mini-games which relies on the Kinect’s camera to overlay your image onto the screen along side the supposedly cute and wacky Rabbid creatures. The game then tasks you with games like air guitar, various pantomime activities and attempting to knock the mildly annoying creatures back into hole in a take-off of the whack-a-rat arcade games of old.

To be fair younger games might get something from seeing the Rabbid creatures popping up on their sitting room floor but the graphics are mostly bland and uninspired. The navigation system is cumbersome and younger games might be put off by the amount of time they have to spend navigating various menus and waiting for levels to load. What’s even more disappointing is that the 30 or so mini games never become anything more than mildly diverting, no matter what age you are.

Buy or Rent: Rent
Gameplay: 1/5
Replay Value: 2/5

Overall: 1/5

Reviwed by: Bryan Collins