One of the most noticeable things about the design of the PS5 is the giant white fins on either side of the console.

Not surprisingly, when the PS5 was first introduced, there were memes galore about the size of the console, and the fins themselves. Interestingly enough, the fins themselves are essentially cosmetic.

In a teardown video from Sony posted to YouTube yesterday, it was revealed that players are able to remove the fins simply by setting the console on its side, gently lifting the back corner of the panel and sliding it off. Not only that, when you remove the fins, you'll get to see the large extractor fan for the PS5 that will - hopefully - get rid of the fan noise from the console.

This might seem like it's nothing at all, but space for a lot of people when it comes to consoles is at a premium. Either you're looking enough to multiple consoles and fitting them can be an issue, or you're struggling to get them to fit into existing furniture and fittings.

On top of that, the teardown video also goes into, well, actually tearing the thing down to its basic parts and bolts. It's fascinating stuff if you're ever interested in what actually goes into a console, and there's something almost ASMR about a very calm Japanese man disassembling a piece of technology in a white, clinical environment.

Take a look.