Plus subscribers can look forward to a shark-infested, tomb-raiding January.

The upcoming games for PlayStation Plus in January 2021 have been announced as 'Shadow of the Tomb Raider', 'Greedfall', and a PS5 exclusive with 'Maneater'.

We'll start with 'Maneater', which is an updated version of the PS4 game released in May of this year. This version, which will only be available for PS5 subscribers, will have the full 4K graphics update and a steady 60 frames per second to go along with it.

As you suspect, you play the role of a man-eating shark who goes on a revenge journey to eat and presumably kill the shark hunter who killed its mother. You play as a baby bull shark (do do do do) and, throughout the game, develop and evolve to become the perfect man-eating shark. Think 'Ecco the Dolphin' from the Sega Mega-Drive, except you eat people.


'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' is the 2018 follow-up to 'Rise of the Tomb Raider', which puts you back in the role of Lara Croft as she attempts to find the lost Incan city of Paititi before the evil paramilitary group known as Trinity gets there, all while also attempting to stop an apocalypse she herself started. Average stuff for Lara Croft, in fairness.


The third and final game is 'Greedfall', an intriguing RPG that has a unique twist on exploration. You play a noble who arrives on a mystical island with a band of colonisers. However, as you venture further into the island, you can either ally yourself with the natives and fight back against the colonisation of the island, or you can conquer the new land as you see fit. The game as a 17th century setting, but there's magic and all sorts involved as well.

All three games are available for free to PS Plus subscribers from January 5th and are available to download until February 1st.