Cert: 3+
Platform(s): All Formats
Genre: Sport

I don't like it. Look, I know this caused some controversy last year when I said the same of PES 08, but I still don't like it.

This is an arcade style game, it is fast paced and responsive so, if you like having a kick about with your mates, it might do the trick. But, playing it, it's impossible not to compare it to FIFA and I don't care what you say - it's not better, in no way shape or form.

The graphics are generic and bland, if not overly colourful - lovely if you're 3 years old perhaps. The menu layout is disastrous; I got bored trying to figure out the different options. And I will never accept the stupid names they give the teams, its just so irritating. Gameplay most definitely favours fast action and this, I imagine, is where it picks up fans. However, what they sacrifice to give the game this pace is, well, pretty much everything we like about the beautiful game.

If you want a decent football game buy FIFA 09. If you are hell bent on being different, give it a go.

Rent or Buy: RENT
Graphics: 2/5 
Game Play: 3/5
Replay Value: 3/5
Overall: 2.5/5

Review by Eamonn Cleary