One of the greatest movies ever made – and in this writer's opinion, the best movie ever made – Aliens was a fantastic mix of horror and action that has scared and entertained audiences around the world since its release in 1986. But despite its fantastically simple premise of soldiers going into space to fight a threat they don't fully understand, there has never been a proper videogame adaptation of the movie. Some games are heavily reminiscent of the concept, with titles such as Doom and the Dead Space series, but the Aliens brand has never been fully utilized. Until now.

First things first, have you seen Aliens? If yes, good, continue reading. If not, get on that right now and then come back here. Picking up seventeen days after the soldiers on board the Sulaco sent out a distress signal from planet LV-426, a new squad having arrived at the planet to find exactly what happened to the previous crew, and how it is that the Sulaco has returned to LV-426 having previously been orbiting Fury 161, the setting for the movie Alien 3.

For those concerned with the game messing with the history of the movies, fear not; Aliens: Colonial Marines has got the full blessing of the movies producers at 20th Century Fox, with those producers agreeing that the events of the game can now be considered officially a part of the Alien movies timeline. On top of that, stars of the Aliens movie have come on board the game to lend their voices to their characters, including Michael Biehn (Hicks), Al Matthews (Apone), William Hope (Gorman) and Lance Henrikson (Bishop).

The game looks to be a mix of all-out action and tense survival horror, much like the movie its based on, and will be a must-own for fans of the Alien franchise.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be in stores February 12th.