Well, this shouldn't surprise anyone.

Niantic Labs have released a new update for Pokemon GO which, amongst other things, has done away with that stupid Pokemon nearby bug. For those that didn't clock it originally, it was quite simple - and frustrating.

When you tapped the Pokemon Nearby option, the three-steps thing underneath each Pokemon was supposed to tell you how far away each one was, i.e. two steps, three steps, etc. Of course, it never worked and, in the interim, websites like Pokevision and other trackers sprung up.

These websites specifically pinpointed where and when Pokemon would appear in your area, which took the exploration element out of the game. Some might call it cheating, while others felt it was levelling the game out.

Either way, it's gone now as Niantic Labs have clamped down hard on third-party apps and websites. Many of these developers received cease-and-desist letters from Niantic Labs and the Pokemon Company, which detailed precisely how they were breaking terms of service.

It's hard to know what the future holds for the game or the community. Already, players are beginning to drop off the app for a number of reasons, including a steep learning curve at Pokegyms, consistent app problems and the repetitive and insular nature of the game.

With the absence of the likes of Pokevision and other Pokemon GO trackers, maps that don't use Niantic's API and work off of user reports are still operational - but have far less accuracy than before.

The question remains, if third-party trackers aren't allowed and the in-game tracking system doesn't work, how are people supposed to find Pokemon other than by wandering aimlessly?