Sony's long-awaited "Netflix for games" service, PlayStation Now, has launched today in Ireland.

The service has over 500 games that are available to play for a subscription price of €14.99 a month. The list of games? Pretty yuge, if you ask us. Highlights include Red Dead Redemption, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Tropico, Oblivion (!!!), Dead Island, Mortal Kombat, The Force Unleashed, Fallout: New Vegas, all three of the Batman: Arkham games and loads more.

On top of that, the service also works on PC with a PSN account, meaning you can save your progress on the cloud - and go from PC to console to continue the game. All you need is a controller and the Sony USB adaptor and you're good to go.

Here's the list of games available on launch provided to us by Sony, who are keen to point out that new games are being made available all the time.