In the list of things that mean anything in the world of gaming, this is probably somewhere down around understanding why Mario had a green jumper in the first game but then switched to blue in the rest of them.

Still, it's upending actual decades - the PlayStation has been around for 25 years, after all - of orthodoxy as to what the controller buttons were named. As you'll no doubt remember, the order went Triangle on top, Square on left, Circle on right, and X on bottom.

All normal and correct, except that it's not called the X button at all. According to Sony in a tweet from the official account of Sony PlayStation in the UK, it's actually called the Cross button.

In a lot of ways, this is the like the time that guy who created the term Graphics Interchange Format, or GIF, said that it was pronounced 'jif' like the washing-up liquid or the American peanut butter brand.

Sony's reasoning for Cross, however, comes from geometry. An 'X' shape doesn't have the same distance between each stick, therefore creating the shape of a rectangle. A 'cross', meanwhile, has equal distance between each stick and creates the shape of a square.

Again, this is kind of like the guy and GIF.

Yes, he technically created the word, but they're wrong because everyone says so. It's the same with Sony and the X button. It's called the X button. Anyone who says differently is wrong.