If you've been keeping up with GTA V and its latest updates, you'll know the most recent one - Bikers - takes a lot of cues from TV's Sons of Anarchy.

This isn't anything new, of course. There was hundreds of references to the likes of Thief, Heat, Lethal Weapon and countless other '80s and '90s action films in the game. Hell, even Tangerine Dream did some of the soundtrack for the game.

Therefore, it shouldn't be any surprise that there's some overt references to Sons of Anarchy - and, specifically, that god-awful season they spent in Ireland hanging out with the IRA. An eagle-eyed player spotted a mileage sign for Tallaght - yes, Dublin 24 - in one of the motorcycle clubs in GTA V and posted his findings on Reddit.

Take a look.

Can't see it? Computer, ENHANCE.

Of course, this isn't the only time a videogame's made reference to locales in Ireland. Overwatch had a reference to Cork in one of its map and, going back into the old arcade games, there was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it nod to Athy, Co. Kildare in the Alien Vs. Predator coin-op game.


Via Reddit