Neill Blomkamp, director of sci-fi hits such as 'District 9' and 'Elysium' is entering the gaming arena.

'Off The Grid' is set for release next year, with the Oscar-nominated director serving as the main creative force on the game.

The game will support battles of 150 players duking it out for supremacy, with IGN reporting that PvE (player versus environment) story missions will also take place on the map in real-time.

Player actions will affect how the story (and therefore other people's gameplay), unfolds.

It's mighty ambitious, and Blomkamp has dubbed the project "Battle Royale 2.0"

"With Off The Grid our ambition is not only to create the Battle Royale 2.0 by adding deep player progression, but to build an evolving world designed to take on a life of its own, changing in unexpected ways each time a player rejoins the game," the South African director said.

"With an innovative approach to the Battle Royale core session flow and a deep narrative experience, we add purpose to each element of the game, allowing players to revisit the Off The Grid world repeatedly where there is always something new to find and explore, and for us to expand upon."

'Off The Grid' boasts Richard K. Morgan, lead writer of 'Crysis 2' and author of 'Altered Carbon' as the games main writer.

Blomkamp has had a long involvement with video games, with the director slated to direct a 'Halo' film in the mid-2000's following the success of his short film "Alive In Joburg".

'Lord Of The Rings' mastermind Peter Jackson was attached to the 'Halo' film as a producer but the project fell apart.

Jackson was so impressed with Blomkamp that 'Alive In Joburg' was adapted into a feature film - the 2009 blockbuster 'District 9'.

Blomkamp's career has been hit and miss since 'District 9' scooped him an Oscar nomination, with 2013's 'Elysium' and 2015's 'Chappie' receiving mixed reactions from fans and critics.

'Off The Grid' is due for release sometime in 2023.